Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Woyww 137 - The West Wing!

 Ok, so this is the current workdesk pic - chaos as always! I am in awe of those crafters who can stay tidy. I think I'm doing well if i can see any table top at all!!

Working clockwise from centre front, on my craft mat is a concertina'd paper strip ready to turn into a rosette, going left my rubbish pile - usually put this in a box lid as I go, but the box lid was full of other crap lol!!

Left of that a set of Sizzix alpha dies I was going to use on my project but changed my mind, and precariously balanced on that my I-phone!

then one of the cards from my DT project - using Papermania Portobello Rd kit to make some patriotic British cards!Then my pile of stash, various sticky things, a 2nd card for the project partially finished.

and finally...............the West Wing of the crafting mansion!! 
Formerly known as the kitchen, and now in use as a stamping, embossing and die cutting station.  And......I have hit on a great way of saving on the heating bills!

I put my washing in the washer/dryer on the drying cycle when I am working in the kitchen - keeps me toasty!  In fact, if I'm using the heat gun, can get positively tropical lol!!

For those of you who are wondering why on earth I would post pics of such a disaster zone, pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground, where she hosts a weekly blog hop of crafters desks and works in progress from around the world. Great fun, hugely addictive, and I only managed to visit bout 25 blogs last week, so will try to see more this week, but not all today!! Got a class tonight and I still have some work to do - yikes!

Thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. Sounds like you multitask as well as conserve energy. Love how busy your desk is looking, pretty much fits the woyww theme.

  2. You may craft in organised chaos, but I can see an immaculate kitchen underneath it all.

  3. Great pics lots going on multitask is our second name dont you agree, Happy Wednesday, May x

  4. It all looks nice and tidy underneath it all though Deb, jsut don't mistake the embossing powder for cake glitter!! I think women are used to multi tasking and do it very well.

    Brenda 104

  5. I like the colors on your first work desk. The blue mat seems to pop against some of the reds. The last time I used my glue gun I managed to burn two of my fingers a bit. I'm just glad I don't have one of those industrial glue guns -- I wouldn't have any fingerprints left!!

    WOYWW #117

    1. Oh, also meant to mention that I love the tilework in your kitchen - very pretty!

  6. I love that you are using the dryer to keep warm! I'm always taking over my kitchen, especially when I'm using the glue gun!

    Happy WOYWW! Katie #16

  7. Looks like a fun place to work! I routinely take over the dining room table!

    Katie (112)

  8. Hey Debs! It doesn't matter where you craft! Just let the Muse take over and you can craft anywhere. (except, please don't try and fit in the dryer to keep warm and craft)Happy crafting! Stay warm!

  9. What a tidy kitchen I wish mine was that clean :) Thanks for sharing your crafty space.

    Becky #45

    1. Had to hop in and see the 'crapalanche' for myself! It's fine, there's still room to make a cup of coffee - I think?!?! Di xx

  10. Hi Debs, I'm glad it's not just me that works in a disaster zone :)
    Jackie #119

  11. My kitchen is actually very tidy at the moment after a major baking session, but it never lasts very long - the untidy fairies creep in when we turn our backs. Then they go and have a go in my craft room. One day I will catch them (it could be me, though). xx Maggie #70

  12. Just managing to make it round to a few more desks before the fun starts all over again tomorrow, I didn't realise how long it takes to leave everyone comments rather then just peeking at their desks, oh a very super duper busy desk, love the look of your cards, smiled at the 'formerly known as the kitchen' line, we use our tumble dryer as a heater too,! Hope you have a great day Lou #94


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