Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Creativity returns! Hurrah! And WOYWW

woo hoo!  Finally, after a couple of weeks of crafty inactivity, I get to craft again.  Have to confess, I didnlt really feel ike crafting much over Christmas break, which surprised me, as I had several days of 'nothingness'. However, these were spent semi-comatose in front of tv eating anything and everything to hand and watching drivel on tv - bliss!  We have had a few weeks of the 'everything that could go wrong.......' syndrome, starting just before Christmas with Hubby's car dying, so I am currently car-less while he makes use of mine. Isn't it amazing how much you take a car for granted? I hadn't realised just how much I use mine, particularly for last minute supplies for classes!!

Then the dishwasher decided to have a heart attack just in time for Christmas, my poor Brother in Law is still in hospital, having now contracted MRSA and a chest infection following his 4th or 5th surgery. And yesterday, with the storms, I spent a fun few minutes sailing across the garden hanging on for dear lifge to the canopy from our swing seat, as I tried to prevent it flying into someone else's garden, and then our fence blew down!

My work desk is a bit of a work in progress today, as I am frantically packing up kits for tonights class, having left it to the last minute (not intentional - lots of interruptions!!)

centre front is my lovely new A3 cutting mat courtesy of Santa Hubby! and on that is the sample card for tonight (more detailed pic below) and set of packing/construction instructions and box of kits.  If you look carefully at the top right of the pic you will see my Christmas oven mitts which have not yet been returned to their home for another year :-)

So this is a close up of tonight's project - a shutter card with lots of matting and layering, flowers, butterflies and mirri card.

May not get to look at everyone's desk today on WOYWW, but will hop on over to Julia's blog now and hopefully will get a chance to catch up tomorrow.

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Debs x


  1. Oh No, sorry to hear you've had a run of things going wrong! That card looks fab!!

  2. That card is fab, hope al goes well at class tonight x x Hugs May x x

  3. Cor, that's a clever card! I wouldn't know where to begin.... :) Bad luck with the car, it always seems to happen at the wrong time. Hope your BiL gets better too. I'll make a start on your peg bag, Debs. Was it blues and yellows? Are you a spots/stripes/floral girl??
    Wishing a happy and healthy 2012,
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  4. What a run of bad luck. Hope Your B-in-law is soon on the mend.
    Have this picture in my head of you sailing off into the sunset with the canopy. Mr B lost the cover from his scooter in the wind a couple of weeks ago, it sailed over the fence into next door's garden and he had to go and ask for it back - bit like when you were kids and had to go and ask 'can I have my ball back please?'

    Hope 2012 is a better year.
    Ann B

  5. Gorgeous shutter card. Sorry to hear about things going wrong before Christmas - it always seems that more than one thing goes wrong at once - hope BIL is making a recovery (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

  6. I do hope your run of breakdowns stop. Gorgeous card you have shown us what a shame I can't pop over for a class it looks like it would be fun.

  7. Hi Debs, thanks for the tips about storing unmounted stamps - can you please whizz up the M3 and help if I shout for assistance? :) Sorry for laughing here at the vision of you sailing across the garden - it's been bad hasn't it. I hope all the other more serious issues are resolved OK and that 2012 is a good year for you. Love, Di xx

  8. Fun project! I can completely relate to those comatose days...sometimes there's just nothing better!

    Katie (138)

  9. Gosh what a time you have had. I have done a lot of eating everything in sight, reach etc. Hope that your BIL is getting better. I am late visiting sas trying to visit everyone- why? No idea maybe I'm putting off doing other things I should be doing. Happy 2012. Anne x

  10. Am very late Debbie, but believe me, I feel your dishwasher pain! I've put away all our Christmas stuff, of course, and yesterday noticed a tray, the wreath on the front door and some tea towels that should go in the box...I'm really losing it!
    Hope the workshop went off well, am sure they loved the shutter idea.

  11. Hi Debs, I love your blog you have made really so very pritty projects! It looks like there is a need of making a get well soon card for your brother in law. Pure man, 4 operations and now MRSA that´s not fun. I hope he will recover soon! I´m also a part of the WOW Designerteam and a reader of your blog now! xx Bianca

  12. You have had a difficult time, with weather damage and everything else. Hope your brother in law is making steady progress back to good health. Maggie #72

  13. Hi Deborah, hope life gets better for you all soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to seeing your WOW projects.

    Emma - The Sparkly Fairy

  14. Oh well done on saving the swing!!!, The wind took our 8' Trampoline, and turned it upside down, bent the supporting struts, broke 2 washing lines, and split the concrete wired washing line post down the middle, so now, no enclosure for the trampoline, and no more washign lines!!!

    Lovely Shutter card, Happy woyww,

    Lou P


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