Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WOYWW and OMG what a mess!

OK, so I know the ethos of WOYWW is share the desk, but I am rather ashamed of mine at the moment! I've had a couple of projects which had tight deadlines, so I just pushed the leftovers aside and carried on. Then I started working in front if the tv cos it was Christmas & I wanted to be sociable

Next thing I know I've turned my lovely craft space into an inaccessible dump that I haven't had time to sort between projects - and I can't even sit on the chair cos I've used that to plonk down my store of card candi! Guess what tomorrow's task is????

So I'm off to take a look at other desks around the world. Hope you'll join me over at Julia's Stamping Ground

Happy Crafting

Debs x

Never ending card

Happy New Year everyone! The first class of Jan is next week and I've been playing with never ending cards!

I love figuring out the mechanics of a kinetic card design, and I'm looking forward to doing this in class next week. This is a fairly straightforward design, but the decoration can take as long as you have available :-)

Hope you like it!

Debs x