Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Woyww 136 and a bit of happy!!

It's been one of those running around trying to get everything done days, and I got home this evening to find I had missed the postie in my various 'popping in and out' and have one of those lovely little red cards for me to go pick something up at the sorting office, which I can't do til the weekend!  but lo!! Under the pile of junk mail what do I find but the latest edition of Making Cards, so I make a cuppa and pop my feet up - with a choccy biccy cos that's the law.  And as I wrench off the plastic wrapper what do I see card is the main pic on the cover!  AND, 2 more of my cards are on the cover too! 

Some of you will know that I contribute to Making Cards as a freelance designer, and there are usually a few of my cards in each edition, but I've never been on the cover before, and I was chuffed to bits! Mine are the iris-folding card top left and the 2 cutesy cards bottom right.   I knew that the cutesy cards were going to be in this month's, cos I was asked to design the cards using the free craft papers in the centre of the mag this month. When I told hubby this, his first reaction was 'so you're the centrefold girl??'  Men! Can't live with 'em and can't shoot 'em!

Also, hubby's car finally came home yesterday from the garage, so I got my car back - freedom!

So this is why there is not pic of my workdesk for you Woyww'ers to see - nothing going on there last couple of days - but if you pop on over to Julia's blog, there are lots of desks far more productive than mine.  Thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. Big well done, i'll have to look out for this issue in the shops and have a proper looks.

  2. Congrats on making it to the cover. What a nice way to start the year. Had a lovely giggle over you hubbies comment.

  3. Congrats hun, well done you!! Happy Woyww

  4. So you're Miss July in the calendar of card making, huh?? Congrats to you muchly!! And I have to know - with regards to choccy biccies, are you a sucker, nibbler, cruncher or dunker? LOL! WOYWW needs to know these things :D
    Hugs, LLJ #26 xx

    1. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, and Jan, I;m a dunker!!And sometimes an 'oh damn, it's fallen in the tea!!'-er!!!

  5. Dunk and lick instantly I hope! Well done on your cover story, great stuff! So now you have your car back, let the adventures begin!!

  6. Hello!

    Congratulations! What an honor to not only be the 'cover girl' but also the 'centerfold girl' - your creations are wonderful! Wishing you a happy week!


    Barbara Diane


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