Monday, 31 October 2011

Poor kitty :-(

Not much crafting going on in the Willis household at the mo.  Poor kitty is still really sick, and has been at the pet hospital since Thurs.   Thursday afternoon was awful, as I went to take him to the vet for his daily check up and couldn't wake him up - nearly had a heart attack on the spot.  After 4 continuous days of vets visits they admitted him and found he had a blood clot in his bladder, poor thing.  He is recovering now and I hope they will let him come home in next day or two.

Had a demo at Hobbycraft on Sunday, but that's pretty much been it for past few days - too busy going to  and fro to vets, or worrying about my baby :-(

For those of you who asked about my samples at the NEC, I won't actually be going, but my samples should be on the WOW Embossing Powders stand. 
Here's a pic of me setting up for my Hobbycraft heat embossing demo, and on the front left of the pic you will see a sneaky peek of the twin of a tissue box that should be on the stand at the NEC - that's if my parcel of samples arrives in time! With all the vet visits, and my poor brother in law in hospital, it's been a pretty stressful week, and the samples only made it to the post on Friday - fingers crossed they make it in time!!

Hope you are all having a good week, and to paraphrase Bruce Forsyth....."Keeeeeeep Crafting!"

Thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. Aw Debs, I do hope your kitty recovers soon. Much more important than crafting. I forgot about you being at HC on Sunday - sometimes I need to tie a knot in my neck to remember things! Take care, that email is going to be written but life is manic here too :( Please let us know progress! Di xx

  2. Di again - drat, I'm away when you're doing the PM tutorial in Southampton :( You're right - I think it's where we all struggle! Di xx

  3. Oh I do hope he makes a speedy recovery!!! Poor thing, will keep my eye out for your samples, hun, sure to be gorgeous, xx for Kitty, and a (Hug) for you

  4. Poor kitty! I had worries last night, and was kept awake whilst I nursed poor little Bella who was sick all over the floor (who knew such a little kitty could hold so much?)... I so hope your kitty gets well soon and makes a full recovery - and that you find some time to wind down and relax!


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