Wednesday, 26 October 2011


So I've fallen a bit behind in the blogging world........last week I was away all week working, thought I would have loads of time for crafting and blogging in the evenings. What happened? WEach evening I returned to my hotel room exhausted and all I did was eat and sleep! All those lovely crafty bits stayed in my bag, no energy and no mojo!

then this week we have had a family emergency and a poorly kitty to look after around the clock.  Have you ever seen a cat so drugged up he walks into walls and falls down? Bless him, now he's confined to the one room so he doesn't hurt himself

Anyhoo.......this is the pic of today's workdesk, with some strategically placed tissue paper to hide my DT projects that are headed off to the NEC next week!  You can just see a sneaky peek to the left and right of the pink tissue paper.
Front and centre we have the most important project right now - a cuppa!!!  In my favourite mug from Margaritaville. Front right are some masking experiments with shaving foam and spray inks, the key ingredients for tonights class!

I'm off to have a quick peek at a few more desks at Julia's before I head out for tonights class.

Happy desk hopping!

Deb x


  1. Now see how am I going to recognise your work next week if I don't get to see it now?
    must admit, I am sitting here, nice cuppa, and a bar of dairy milk, all to myself lol. Love the shaving foam idea, did you just place the mask on then the paper?, as I only saw it demo'd on photo card, no masks?

  2. Where would we be Deb, without plastic boxes?! The shaving foam experiment makes the pink very pretty and soft, huh - hope the class was fun - I'm off to do mine this morning and evening. Nothing experimental about them though.

  3. I hope that you don't get the foam and inks mixed up otherwise your legs are going to look pretty strange next week. lol! Only kidding..
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  4. Good luck at the NEC. Those inks and shaving foam things look lovely. Another technique to play with.

  5. Loopy, I placed the mask on card, mixed the foam and ink together on a craft sheet and spread a thin layer over top of mask with a credit card, then scraped off the excess and left to dry. Makes a nice background but need to scrape as much as poss off or takes ages to dry!!

    And LLJ - I ROFL'd at this comment! inky legs and armpits - yeeuk!!

  6. The same thing happens to me on holidays. I hope kittie feels better soon! Happy late WOYWWED!

  7. Have fun at the NEC! Great workdesk with lots of excitement going on there, even if it is hidden! Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #84


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