Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kitty update and WOYWW

Thanks to everyone who asked after Barney the kitty over the last few days.  He is home now on 'Mummy Watch' feeling rather sorry for himself, but I think pleased to be home judging by the limpet-like attachment to my lap!  Not conducive to crafting!

One unfortunate side effect of his having been on an open catheter is the awful stink. Good job I love him. Let's just say every surface is covered in old towels to avoid contamination!  Poor little guy is still on tons of meds and with daily vet check ups, but definitely on the mend, so I gave him a bit of a wash earlier today - not sure who got wetter - him or me!

So, crafting mojo seemed to have left the house with the Kitty, and I was forced to tidy my craft table -eeek!! found half finished projects I had set aside for later (erm.......forgot about) and that pesky quickie glue pen that disappeared suddenly, miraculously reappeared.

So here's  a pic of the 'tidy' table - bet you can't tell, huh?  the clue is in the visible table top, a rare sight around here lol lol!!

Am part way thru prep for tonight's class and the glitter is out in force :-) the little purple and lime zippy centre stage is my glitter storage bag, an old cosmetic case that is plastic lined and so doesn't let the glitter out unless I set it free!

Now I'm off to Julia's blog where she hosts the weekly sneaky peek at other crafty desks around the world, have fun desk hopping, and thanks for stopping by.

Deb x


  1. That is impressive to see some table top. Thank you for your visit earlier. I personally just eat the cheese scones as is, with nothing on, but most people just cut them in half and butter them. You could add some cheese inside too. It is really down to your choice. Keep the mixture slightly on the wetter side. I put it between two sheets of lightly floured baking parchment and roll it that way. do not twist the cutters, when you press down - it stops the scones rising properly.

  2. Good to have a tidy and find things you'd forgotten about. Hope kitty continues to recover well x

  3. Poor old puss cat - he looked very fed up in your previous blog :( Let's hope he picks up soon.
    And free the glitter! Let your inner diva shine out :D
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  4. LOL - just picturing Maggie eating cheese scones with nothing on!!!! x Jo

  5. Poor kitty....glitter reigns...go for it!

  6. Great desk, loving the dotty bag! Trace x

  7. Now the bag is a wonderful idea, for those on the move!! and like yourself, the amount of half finished cards is embarassing!! glad Kitty is doing well, and hopefully it wont be too long before the catheter is removed.
    Thanks for your kind words, and hope the class went well, xx

  8. I may have to get up a campaign top set the glitter free! I never find half finished projects..they're always in the bin through a fit of pique rather than just being left...!


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