Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WOW - a clean workspace (aka the dining room table!)

I just had to share this pic today, cos it's not often you can actually SEE that this is a table!! Being a follower of WOWYY with Julia at Stamping Ground I wanted to show you that today, dear blog hopper, I have a clear table.  It's a sad day when there's no crafting :-(

Think I'd better mess this table up soon to make myself feel better :-)

  So I thought I would show you what I was doing during our mini heatwave last weekend, when Hubby was out slaving in the garden............... and I was working hard on my next project for Making Cards!  This is MUCH more normal - you can see how my Crafter's Spread the chair, the floor and even the kitchen!

This proved to be a bit of a challenge when I needed to stop and make sarnies - nowhere was clear! So being a good crafter I improvised and moved the kettle to the floor so that I had space to make lunch - well, I couldn't move my Cuttlebug - I still needed it!!!

Thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. I love it! Only a true crafter would have the kettle on the floor so she could take over the kitchen as well as the dining room, the sitting room, her craft room ..... should I go on? Thanks for sharing - Neet x

  2. He he he Debs! Love the Cuttlebug in the kitchen and all that stuff on the cooker! You're a true crafter! After all, it's got to be more important than cooking, hasn't it!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I suppose I combine art with the kitchen in the sense that I sometimes eat my art lol!

  3. Lol - it's only food, who needs it?? Raucous laughter from me who's rather rotund!! Best course of action to sit in the cool crafting rather than being an idiot like me who gardened throughout the weekend :D
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  4. :D Wonderful post! I loved the bit about putting the kettle on the floor... so so funny!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog... it actually stopped me from picking up the vaccuum again (which was stashed outside the craftroom door... no more!).
    I'm on vaccuum strike! *lol*
    Hope your WOYWW was (and is) wonderful!
    aka Sheleen at

  5. Yep, don't need the cooker, order a pizza instead! I loved the warm weather in England, couldn't believe how many peeps were moaning about being too hot!! At one point I asked my sister in law if she'd rather be freezing with three jumpers on or soaking wet because it was persisting down!! It might have been unseasonal but I'm glad it was nice while I was there!

    Brenda 67

  6. Hi Debs! Now, I'm going to bookmark this posting and wave it at my OH when he grumbles. So, so funny - I love the way you took over every bit of available space!! And as for the kettle on the floor - snorts of laughter! Di xx

  7. We were separated at birth Debs...except for one detail - I would probably have only cleared up the kitchen section of craft madness! I gardened too - I felt the need to soak up some sun. Even though I loathe gardening!!

  8. Great to see you actually at your workdesk,you look really engrossed, and glad your kitchen is almost as jumbled as mine.x

  9. Love that, spread and take over all available work spaces! Was going to start going on about assimilating them into the collective then but that would risk showing my secret sci-fi geek identity.

    ** Kate **

  10. Hope my comment will post this time. Love the pics. Looks like you have taken over any and all flat

    Thanks for the peek and sharing

    xoxo Marjo


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