Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hallloween card - who knew tearing paper could be so scary????

I just had to show you the Halloween card we made last night.  The class had a ball making the card, learning how to 'flap' diamond top cards to get them to fold right, and adding scary pumpkins and bats!
 This is the front of the card, complete with haunted house, witch, pumpkin, black cat and or course, those bats I spent ages punching  out lol!!

The main image and wrap were torn rather than cut, to add to that grungy look, but some of the ladies in the class found tearing paper to be sacrilegous!!! It was so funny watching people trying to tear 'neatly' and some decided not to tear at all, and reverted to their scissors, using them to cut out the uneven 'torn looking' edge printed on the paper!

And as promised, this is the inside of the card, complete with 'flying' ghostie! We stuck 2 ghosties back to back, with some thread sandwiched between, and then poked a hole in the top of the card and threaded the ends thru so the ghostie 'floated' when the card was opened.  We covered the ends of the thread on the back of the diamond with another pumpkin head.

This was so much fun to do, and would work equally well for a Christmas card, with hanging snowflakes, and one lady wants to use it as a nativity, because the diamond top looks like a roof - lots of inspiration there!

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Debs x


  1. Totally fun Debs! I think I live fairly close so will have to visit soemtime. Snorted over the paper tearing, I have the same worries!!! Di xxx

  2. Sounds like a complete hoot! Loving the card... and the little floating ghostie is brilliant *lol*

  3. That is lovely, thanks for sharing!
    hey, Pixie Dust Paperie is having a giveaway, please come join in the fun!

  4. Yay, floating ghostie is brilliant - my favourite Halloween card so far! When I was a Teaching Assistant, I used to do a lot of displays around the school and was forever tearing paper for them. Tearing gives such a great effect, much softer lines. Sounds like some of the others were a bit OCD, LOL!!
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx


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