Friday, 7 October 2011

Missing the sunshine :-(

OK, I know it was unseasonal weather last weekend, and everyone's probably heard enough about it already but........I miss the sun! Sat here with grey clouds and cold feet (must put slippers on lol).

I wanted to share just one last pic from the hot weekend - my Barney - big fat ginger cat.  He got so hot outside, he had to come inside for a lie down in the shade, and decided he needed to cool as much of himself as possible as fast as possible lol lol!!
It's been a busy work week, so not much crafting.  I have to make a wedding card (it's tomorrow - eek!!) and I have some new stamps to play with, so I need to get organised.

Debs x


  1. Oh Debs, I love photos like this! Kitties have no modesty, do they!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. So glad you have been inspired by my ink dusters tutorial, to have another go! Also, how amazing you've got the same caddy as me - the Martha Stewart circle cutter does make a lovely rotating base for it.

  2. Oh Debs, what a view - has he no shame?! :)) Hey, ho - you and me both about the weather - I had to resort to slippers and a lightweight body warmer this week! Of course, sitting still and crafting does lower ones circulation - think I need to leap up and and for five minutes every hour :) Have a great weekend! Di xx

  3. Up and DOWN, not up and and :( Di xx

  4. That photograph should SO have been published in the Mail... he's such a character!
    I'm so enjoying the disappearance of all that hot, humid, muggy, horrid weather... *lol* Give me snuggles by the fire on a cold wet day any time... I love Autumn and Winter best of all!


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