Thursday, 31 October 2013

Reindeer massacre!

I bought these reindeer cookie cutters on holiday in Norway & I've been itching to use them! My logic was that the Daddy & Mummy reindeer would make mahoosive Xmas cookies, & the baby would be reserved for using with air dry clay on my Xmas cards - a twofer!!

But......the poor reindeer didn't survive the migration from the hot climate (aka the oven!) to the cool expanse (work top!)  The legs & antlers fell off :-(. Looks like a reindeer massacre!!!

The only recognisable little guy is this one & even he's got non-survivable injuries with that broken back [sigh]. 

Note to self - remember to trim extra dough away from between reindeer legs - this one definitely looks like a boy! Oooh-er!

I'm afraid they're all destined for reindeer heaven (yum yum!!) Linking this to Annie's Friday Smiles, cos it made me laugh!

I put my lunacy down to all the painkillers I'm taking for my ribs, and lack of sleep - sorry peeps!!

Debs xx


  1. A cute post! Made me laugh too. Definitely need to trim extra dough, or you'll have an R rating! Bet these tasted deleesh. TFS & sending smiles today. Hugs

  2. Oh deer! I bet they were tasty though x

  3. Oh how funny. I've only just found your post and I just love it. It looks very much like my table would if I'd made them :-)
    Annie x

  4. OOOPS. Sorry Debs, but I just had to chuckle! xxx

  5. So funny, Debs. However, they will still be tasty, I'm sure. Hope your ribs are recovering and you are sleeping better now. Elizabeth xx

  6. ahhahahahhahah.... too funny!! love it..... although if this happens at our hubby is always happy as a clam ...he says "all the more for me" in hopes I wouldn't dare give it to anybody!


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