Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christmas Iris Folding - correction

So guess who forgot to photograph her projects before sending them for publication?? Honestly, if I had half a brain I'd be lethal!

These are my Iris folding Christmas cards, featured in Novembers issue of Making cards - pics of magazine pages rather than the actual cards!

I did notice a couple of typos in the magazine instructions, so if you are planning to make these:

BAUBLE - the gold top piece for the bauble is a 3cm square of card, lower edge trimmed to fit flush with the top of the aperture. Top edge mark in 0.5cm from either side, draw a diagonal line from each of these marks to lower trimmed edge & cut off the outer diagonals then fix to the card above the aperture.  

Also, VERY important! for both cards, the strips of paper need to be 2cm wide x 12 inch width. If using anything other than 12x12 paper, cut strips 2cm x 10cm for the bauble, and 2cm x 14cm for the tree. 

Do NOT cut the 4cm length given in the magazine!! These would be way too short!

Hope you enjoy making these, and would love to see any examples you make

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Debs x

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  1. wow well done on being published Debs!! woohoo!!

    Shame about pickies..

    .. what fab cards would love to have seen them in real life!
    ... what a huge shame they messed up the numbers, too.

    ah well maybe one day will try iris folding have a book sent to me as candy and paper but no go yet.. maybe in 2014!! Shaz in Oz.x


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