Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Happy WOYWW fellow snoopers :-). This is my desk todayIt's grey & cold here & I'm a bit lacking in enthusiasm today. Will visit some of your desks to gain some inspiration!

My desk looks fairly tidy (for me!!) On the left you can see an A4 box crammed with stuff in need of sorting - I made a new rule that if box was full I had to sort it - so instead I piled on top& stacked underneath - lol!!

On my cutting mat (if you look closely it's warped at front where I forgot to use heat resistant mat when embossing - doh!) is a paper pad & some orange flowers ready for my next magazine project.

Centre back is a part-finished butterfly project inspired by something I saw on C&C. Not happy with it so will take a diff approach. Then there's my trusty Cuttlebug & the spotty caddy stuffed with the essentials.

On the right is my big yellow box where I have all my unmounted stamps catalogued, with a couple if new sets at the front of the box waiting to be added. I have 10 (gulp!) foolscap ring binders full of stamps sorted into categories - 3 folders of florals!!! Next project is to unmount my boxes of wooden stamps & integrate with the rest - I find I don't use my wooden stamps that much as they are piled in boxes, but I have some lovely ones, so they need sorting!

Right, enough waffle (sorry Julia!) off to desk hop! If you want to join in pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground.

Stop press!! The universe must have heard I was lacking enthusiasm, cos postie just delivered this little lot :-))

Thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. Lots of lovely thing on your desk this week. Happy WOYWW Heather #85

  2. wow, nice post!! enjoy.... Helen, 8

  3. Now that is a lovely collection of goodies to get the creative juices flowing. have a lovely week.
    Sandra @12

  4. your desk was looking great and then you show us all the lovely crafting stash that Mr Postie delivered for you. I can't wait to see what you turn out with all those butterflies and new stash
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  5. Hey, that was good timing!! You'll be able to play nicely all afternoon, lol !!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  6. Coo, what a lovely pile of new goodies to play with Deb!!

    Am sort of glad to know that I'm not the only one who buckled a cutting mat when embossing - sorry for you though.

    Happy WOYWW, Di xx

  7. I, too, have a lack of enthusiasm today - your grey sky covers the land across the North sea too - and the postman brought nothing but a letter about pensions... bleeehhh... but your post made me smile and that's a good thing!! Enjoy your found inspiration! Happy woyww, Marit #100

  8. I've had virtually no mojo for a week... hopefully it'll come back soon. You got some nice goodies to play with. I hope you find inspiration! Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #115

  9. Thanks for stopping by My #64 just dropped to # 126 as i don't know how to correct the original number...sigh!
    You were right...not many comments due to me not checking the link myself. I usually do that but it was midnite and DH walked down to the basement to inform me of the time! teehee

    Your package the postman delivered looks like fun, fun, fun! And your desk is so tidy...everything looks good.
    I am working on sorting my stamps too...big job, isn't it!

  10. The postman did an awesome job I see!!!! Lacking A LOT OF enthusiasm too today! (ANY POSTMAN HEAR ME???!!)

    Thanks for your lovely visit!

    Have a wonderful WW!!

    die amelie x

  11. Lots of nice paper pads there and other goodies.

    You know I have wooden stamps but have not thought about unmounting them. Not sure how hard the process is. But something to consider.

    Looks like you are creating some good organization.

    Stop by my desk when you are free.

    Belinda (103)

  12. Hi Debs, I bet your mojo went into overdrive when the postie delivered all those lovely goodies.

    I think I saw the demo that prompted your butterfly project ... I plan to use it on a scrap page some time - I think it will be perfect for some photos taken in a butterfly house.

    Have a great WOYWW. Elizabeth x #104

  13. ooooo Debs what a nice postman you have. I love that Kay and Co paper pad!!! Have fun with your goodies. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 120

  14. Ohh, new goodies to the recue, you're probably crafting away as I write this! Have fun! Thanks so much for visiting my desk today!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  15. Oooh, what is that new paperstack? It looks gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful woyww
    Bubbles #14

  16. Hi,
    I've just found your comment as you have left it on my last weeks WOYWW post.
    Have fun with your new stash.
    A x #56

  17. Hooray for the postie! Looks like a fab package to recieve. Also love how your getting round not sorting your box, that's my kind of organisation too!

    Lauren #140

  18. Great post. Love the new stash! You will have to share what the new LO/scrapbook kit looks like finished up. I saw those in the store the other day and was wondering if I should buy one! I love K C & CO. Now what are foolscap ring binders? New term for me. I need to finish taking my wooden block stamps off the stamps and put them in the dvd boxes like the other...lazy here! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such a nice comment and also for sharing with us! Vickie #41

  19. ooo ahhh new stash how awesome?! love it happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #42

  20. Lovely tidy looking desk and don't you just love it when the postman brings you goodies.
    Have a great week.
    Von #75

  21. You should be very inspired now! LOL
    April #151

  22. How lucky for you, Debs, that you have a guardian postman who delivers you motivation when you need it!!

    That is funny that we both talk about our storing our stamps by category! Nice to find a fellow stamper who thinks like me!

    Thank you for visiting me already! Have a fantastic week and enjoy playing with all your new goodies! Darnell #34

  23. I love the way the universe works...lacking a bit of direction and then voila' new goodies arrive to spark the spirit. I know what you mean about the wooden stamps...I try to look at them pretty regularly, but they too sit in little cages waiting for me to take them out. Hope your having fun with all your newbies!!
    sara j #45

  24. I have just sent you some of my mojo as it is in full flood at the moment and I do not have enough time to use it all. I look forward to more revelations of that lovely new stash. Thank you for your visit this week and your kind comments. Have a great week. xx Maggie #15

  25. Tee hee .. .. I bet we have all warped a craft mat in our time!!

    Your desk looks very productive and your postie delivery looks super scrummy!!!!

    Hope you are having a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  26. Oooh lots of lovely new goodies to play with there - have fun! I too unmounted most of my wooden stamps and find I use them a lot more but dont worry I have loads of ring binders full of stamps too! I think its an addiction..... Thanks for visiting me :)

  27. I forgot to say, it is not me signed up for the Crop. Shaz Silverwolf has, so that is possibly who you are thinking of (she is our daughter's mother-in-law). Have a good time there. xx Maggie #15

  28. Lovely box of goodies, I hope you find your enthusiasm in there too!!

    Brenda 112

  29. oh my thats a lot of inspiration waiting to be opened, yummy goodies. Tracy #72

  30. Just doing my Monday morning catch up.
    Just goes to show that someone listens when we’re in need of inspiration.
    What I lovely load of new stash Debs, especially the K and Co papers, I think I would kill for them, Lol!

    Thanks for stopping by this week
    Happy Crafting!


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