Thursday, 28 February 2013

Scrapbook Craft Storage

I am always on the lookout for boxes that I can 're-purpose' in my craft room. Unfortunately very few are capable of holding 12x12 scrapbook papers, and my papers have all been stored away in a Really Useful hanging file box specifically sized for 12x12. The problem is they're out of sight so don't get used so much. And the box tends to get used as a spare table too!

So this week I bit the bullet cos I found a super deal where you get a K&Co scrapbook, plus 36 K&Co papers, plus grand adhesions & stickers, all in a sturdy 12x12 paper storage box complete with dividers - for £15! I bought two :-)

They were delivered in these really sturdy cardboard boxes into which they fitted perfectly - hmmmmmmm

So, I used one of the 'proper' storage files as a template, drew round it into the cardboard and started cutting.


Hey presto! 2 additional 12x12 storage boxes for nowt :-)

Then I had to make them look pretty, and here they are on the shelf above the 'proper' ones - double the storage, looks good, and super sturdy - and I can see all my lovely papers at a glance - one happy crafter :-)


Off to Farnborough tomorrow with a few ladies from my craft class - my poor credit card!

Happy crafting

Debs x

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