Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Live at Jodrell Bank!

Saturday night was great fun, but oh so cold! My sister bought tickets for my birthday for 4 of us to see the Halle orchestra play an open air concert at Jodrell Bank. Now, you'd think a concert in Aug might possibly rain, but would not be too cold?? Wrong!! It was flipping freezing! 

We still had a lovely time, the music was great, pre-show singers doing a medley of Rat Pack & show tunes. The dish itself is actually 76 metres tall and looked amazing......

That's the stage to the right of the dish, and here are the cold concert-goers!

And that was while the sun was still shining! Once the sun went down we had fleeces, coats & blankets and were still frozen - summer my foot! Oh wait, I couldn't feel my feet........

Later in the evening we watched that huge dish slowly turn to face us, to the strains of The Blue Danube - fabulous! Then there were lights & short films projected onto the dish 

And the evening finished with an amazing fireworks display, that I enjoyed so much I forgot to take any pics of it - doh!!

A great evening, well worth the shivers :-)

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