Wednesday, 24 April 2013


So this is my desk today, a big old mess! In need of a major sort out, but not today.


Front and centre are my latest toys, a couple of sets of silicone moulds and some Martha Stewart air dry clay. Will be trying ultra thick embossing powder In these too! Must say I'm not impressed with the small packet of clay - hope it goes  long way! And on the windowsill you can see my new glass jars from the lovely Di over at Pixies Playground - already got a couple filled with buttons! Di hosts a weekly snippets challenge and these jars were a giveaway on her blog.

We had a beautiful sunny day here yesterday, and Barney decided to reclaim the lawn as 'his' by spending most if the day slap bang in the centre :-)

In case you're wondering why I'm sharing my messy desk, click here to visit Julia's world wide desk hop

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Debs x


  1. If you can't make a mess, you can't make anything at all!
    I like visiting from the end of the list-the last shall be first!
    robyn 92

  2. I'm working my way backwards too...LOL
    Creatively speaking your desk looks fine.
    Krisha #108

  3. Try having a look in The Works, if you have one near.Ours usually has quite large packs of air dry clay. Love all the stuff on your desk, nice to poke around in. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #114

  4. I like messy desks best. :-) Your kitty looks very warm in the sun. April #119

  5. I don't think that clay DOES go very far unfortunately. I've been very tempted by the moulds though so let me know how it goes. I should be clear week after next for a cuppa!

  6. Your desk is looking very crafty and interesting with lots of crafting stash on show
    Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
    Ria #60

  7. I'm with LJ, I'm afraid, the clay is super use up-able...take heart, at least it's not a teeny block of fimo!! have fun though, I expect you'll be super producing moulded bits before you've decided quite what they're destined to be used on!

  8. You are speaking Greek to me with words of clay and ultra thick and silicone moulds, but I enjoy seeing your toys nonetheless, and I have to say your lovely jars look fabtastic on your sill!!

    I'm so happy to see that you have some sunshine at last!! Have a wonderful week and I hope the sun shines every day of it! Darnell #52

  9. Love the cat pic! They do like to hog the good spots, don't they?? Lol! And good luck with the ultra small clay :)
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  10. Good luck with the molds I have made some cool embellishments with mine.
    Karen #64

  11. Your desk is looking great, this is usually how mine looks but I've recently had a bit of a spruce up (it will never last).

    Your cat looks lovely and warm in the sunshine, I've had mine clambering over my work desk this week! She loves investigating what I am doing!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Amy #77

  12. I have never used clay so I hope it goes further than you fear!! The little jars look super useful! Helen 2

  13. Your desk looks like FUN! Your cat looks like I feel...ready for the sunshine. lol! Sorry to be late visiting. SueC#92


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