Monday, 15 April 2013

Scrapping the good...and the not so good!

I've been a bit busy for the last week and not much crafting was done. But there was a Grand Prix this weekend, which means hours of crafty pleasure for me :-)

So I finished another couple of scrapbook pages from last years holiday. And in the spirit of scrapping the whole experience, one of these pages is about our noisy cabin and my seasick day :-(

Thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. Oh dear, poor you! Glad it was just one day though. Love the colours you've used on both pages.

  2. Your layouts are so pretty with those great colors and pretty borders! I'm with you on the sea sickness! I went on a fishing trip with the hubs many moons ago and got so sick, I promised my first-born child to the captain if he'd take me back to shore and he laughed at me! LOL NEVER again! I'll leave the cruising to everyone else - dry land works for me :)

  3. Hi Debs

    Great layouts!! Fabby way to collect memories (even the not so good ones LOL!!).

    Love the backing to the first one very much!!

    Love Jules xx


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