Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WOYWW 142 - an almost clear desk!

This is my desk today, almost clear! (For me lol!!)  A pile of paper ready to be sorted for my next class, at the back my little box of WOW! Stamps - an old washing tablet box covered in pretty paper and awaiting embellishments! 
(The WOW! Feb embossing challenge is still open til 29/2, with a nice prize for the winner or 12 embossing powders of your choice in a carry case - still time to enter!!)

 And this was my work table on Monday - lots of Pro Markers, finishing off my paper weaving projects, and with a special Helper!
My husband is keen on clocks and pocket watches, and is also a good photographer, so I asked him to take some pics of them last year, and set about turning them into toppers, backing papers and borders.  Not really done anything with them, but thought I would share them. My hubby isn't into the 'traditional' men's stuff of football/rugby etc (although if it has an engine and wheels he will watch it lol!) so I have to stretch the brain cells to come up with ideas for cards for him, and using his own photos was great.  I have also created sets of papers and toppers from pics of CD's, music tapes (!), fountain pens, DIY tools, beer, wine  etc - it's fun creating my own papers, so I really should get around to doing something more with them.

For those who are wondering why I am blathering on, take a look at Julia's blog where Weds is the day for world travel!  We get the chance to check out crafter's work across the world, and share pics of our work desks, tidy or messy, empty or full!

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Debs x


  1. Lovely card and love your ginger helper. :)

  2. A fab, creative work space and I love what you have done with your Hubby's photos, they look great and what a fantastic idea :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  3. Brilliant idea for some original toppers.
    xx 101

  4. Clock theme is good , looks like you little cat is watching over you . Happy WOYWW

  5. your cards are just gorgeous and what a fabulous idea to use hubbys own photos!
    Happy WOYWW, Debxx #23

  6. Lovely helper! Love the card you have made too. Very different male card

  7. Love your busy desk and great projects!

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. O I love your wee helper, love the clock pics what a great idea to use the pictures your DD took, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  9. My granny used to cover containers of washing flakes with contact paper and use them to store various things, so that brought back fond memories for me. I'll bet your special helper was very helpful when it comes to paper weaving. Cats have a special way with paper strips, maybe not what we had in mind... but it's their own art.

  10. Your pocket watch papers and cards are gorgeous!

    Retirees from the railroad were given a pocket watch (from the company) at their retirement party. All my uncles, cousins etc have those pocket watches so your pictures brought back fond memories.

  11. I like the caddy you keep your pens in. That paper woven piece is lovely - big! Your cat looks as if he was waiting to have his portrait taken!

    1. thanks Jules, Barney is a bit of a poser - often does his 'cat of terror' face and yawns showing all fangs bared and ears flattened- scary little furball!

      Think Jan should be making these craft caddies - verynoe loves them!

  12. Those clock cards are so effective, and how nice that they are a family collaboration. So much more personal that buying toppers. xx Maggie #11

  13. Love the idea of taking photos and making toppers from them, I do it often especially when it's something that's not usual. Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop of the crafty & creative desks around the world. Take care Zo xx 81

  14. What a great idea to use your husbands photos to make cards. I'm sure he will love them. Your kittie looks quite regal!!

    Happy WOYWW

  15. A little late visiting love the photo idea have a great week

  16. a nice busy desk, looks like the cat wants to play with your promarkers.
    I'm going to 'make it' tomorrow may see you there I'm going on the 8.43 train. hoping to get one of those badges LOL
    janet #8


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