Saturday, 19 November 2011

Spending dilemma and blog Candy!

So my very kind Hubby gave me a voucher to buy some goodies at the craft Barn, and when I went on line to spend, I found they have a great Blog Candy giveaway!

I don't know about you, but whenever I get gift vouchers I develop a form of 'purchase paralysis'.  I want to buy something I wouldn't just go and buy myself anyway, as it's a gift, but then I end up spending hours (literally!!) roaming the websites trying to make up my mind how to spend my voucher. 

Such a tough decision!

Not a lot of crafting going on today, spent time cleaning the house - it so needed it! I'm not a great fan of housework, and positively hate the vacuum (see Bubbles!, that's why you should come to me for your vacuuming fix!!) so our house tends to get what my Mum used to cal 'a lick and a promise' now and again, then a full scale battalion attack when people are coming to visit :-)

so, housework done, and Blog Candy posted, I'm off to spend another happy hour deciding how to spend my voucher

Debs x


  1. Oh Debs - I know only too well the 'leave it until it needs a blitz' syndrome! Almost time to think about Christmas deccies going up and I always do a mahoosive blitz beforehand so am limbering up here in readiness. So, what did you finally buy with your voucher then? :) Di xx

  2. How sad amI? Still not spent the voucher!! After agonising for ages decided on a special punch and it was out of stock! Grrrrr So have left it and will go back again later

    hopeless :-)


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