Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WOYWW 153 and a busy desk!

Hi everyone, I've been quiet for a few weeks, been a bit chaotic here, and not much crafting being done at all
 :-(.................But this Bank Holiday weekend I managed to spend some time in the craft room, and this is how I left it...........messy, huh?

I know those lovely crafters who manage to tidy away after themselves will be looking at that and thinking OMG! I am a messy crafter, and even though I now have a lovely craft room and big desk, still end up with piles that threaten to overwhelm the desk.

Quick tour round my desk, bottom left some papers for a DT project I was finishing off, with my ultra sticky tape, and just above that a couple of older projects that I love and am trying to decide how to display. Above that to the left you can see my trusty heat tool peeking into the pic, and my DAB radio, cos I have to have music while I craft! I am often heard singing along to the Bee Gees....ssssssshhhh, don't tell anyone!!

then you ahve my craft caddy stuffed with essentials, behind that various shades of pink tissue paper for making paper carnations, my memento black inkpad, which never leaves my desk, a pile of paper with sketches and notes for cards (think back of a fag packet style!), my steel edge ruler, craft knife, reels of tape, and 2 pairs of scissors, one detail scissors, and one pair I use just for 'sticky stuff'.

That's my desk, if you're wondering why i;m sharing hop on over to Julia's stamping ground where she hosts the fab Whats on Your Workdesk Weds blog hop through craft land

happy crafting!!

Debs xx


  1. Hi Debs, lots going on here. Missed you lately :( Di xx

  2. Glad you were able to get back to crafting again!

  3. Hi Debs! I got here by clicking on your name on the comment you left on my blog. When I tried to get here through Julia's post I was denied access. Don't know what's going on....

    My desk is usually a heap full of stuff too - do yours doesn't look at all bad to me. I'd feel right at home!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #127

  4. Night fever... night fever....! I can't listen to music when I craft. I get distracted (and sing along although I used to have a cat who put her paw in mouth if I sang so apparently I'm not that good at it). I don't think your desk is too horribly messy. I mean you can still see DESK and as you said, nothing has fallen sideways in a crapaplanche.


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