Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WOYWW 144 - and frustration with sticky stuff!

Happy WOYWW everyone, if you aren't sure what that means then click here to visit Julia's Stamping Ground for a peek into craft desks across the world!

I missed WOYWW last week, cos I was rather busy (see yesterday's post!) and didn't visit anyone, so will try to do better this week :-)

This is my desk - in my lovely new craft room [happy sigh]

I have everything I need in one place (on the shelves behind me that you can see in yesterday's post!), electrical sockets for my heat gun/glue gun etc, and s-p-a-c-e!! Of course, Deb's law of crafting states that 'you will expand to fill all available space' lol!

The frustration in the title of my post comes from the pile of dies you can see on the kitchen roll on my chair. I bought some lovely new cogs dies at Farnborough, and this is my first opportunity to try them out. They were stuck to the inside of the packaging with something akin to super glue, and the residue was stuck all over the dies, causing them in turn to stick to my Cuttlebug C plate. I had to use my craft knife to pry them off!  So they have been liberally bathed in Stick away, and rinsed in the sink, so that I can actually use the blasted things again!  Grrr......rant over!

And this is Barney investigating my new crafting space.....just cos he can!

Sorry for the cat butt in shot - he's not the best trained moggy and tends to flash everyone, witness his shameless sunbathing in the unseasonably warm weather this week.......and yes, he is fast asleep lol!!

Looking forward to seeing some of the goodies created by you lovely WOYWW'ers, probably take me a few days, but I will visit as many as I can before next week.

Also, if anyone is planning a visit to the NEC on Friday 23/3, come and say hi, I will be demo'ing on the WOW embossing stand all afternoon from 1pm and would love to meet some WOYWW'ers.

Thanks for stopping  by

Debs x


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  2. Wow! Your art space sounds fantastic! I wish I still had mine, but in time.. What are you planning on doing with the cogs? Very cute cat, he is adorable!

  3. Who is happier - you or Moggy - enjoy that lovely space and have fun creating...Thanks for sharing with WOYWW? Sarah at 1.

  4. Lucky you to have a new space where it looks like creativity has found a happy home. (your kitty too) thanks for the visit

  5. Loving your creative craft space in your new room, it looks like you have lots of fun crafty projects going on :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  6. love your new craft room, know what you mean about those pesky sticky dies! it looks so warm there, how lovely! my dog is just like a cat, loves to bask in the sun!
    happy WOYWW, Debxx #14

  7. Well Barny isn't shy at all, he is just showing everyone his centerfold poses! lol waving hi from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

  8. Love your craft space oh how annoying about the dies you brought. Have a fab week
    Anne-marie no 17

  9. Just peeked at your previous post and now see it's well in use!!! Love Barney!
    JoZarty x

  10. Your cat looks very very cozy lying in the sun!

  11. couldnt resist and read your earlier post,fab craft room,hope you get your dies cleaned,happy crafting,x

  12. Love the sunbathing moggie, he looks as if he is in heaven. As for the sticky stuff, I always think that those who put the sticky stuff on should be make to take it off. By the way, I ended up contacting Barbara Gray on her Facebook to ask where I was going wrong, and, bless her, she replied very quickly and told me that she was using Perfect Pearls, not the cheap mica powders I had tried. Enjoy your new room and have a good week. xx Maggie #8

  13. Love Barney he's so cute basking in the sun with his butt in the in air dont you just love em!!! enjoy your new space, Hugs May x x x x

  14. I missed that you had craft room coming your way, all sympathy is now retracted! Just jealous you understand. It must be wonderful for you, to start a project and carry on the next day.

  15. Oh, do love the new craft room! Lucky you!!!!! Too bad I'm not in your part of the world - I would LOVE to drop by and meet you.

    Crazy how the new die stuck to the packaging.

    Thanks for the visit earlier today!


  16. What a beautiful craft space ... You are so lucky! No wonder some happy sighs!
    Catherine 176

  17. Fab new space, I had a peek at the other post too. Sticky stuff is always a pain and I use Stick away too. Take care, enjoy this WOYWW, it's now Thursday afternoon & I'm still doing the snooping bit, all but in shifts! Zo xx 60

  18. Hooting here Dabs, I'll have you know that the 'crapalanche' took a lot of time to arrange so spectacularly :)) Snort, snort - Di xx

  19. Forgot to say, love your WIP and the moggie's err, bits!! Di xx

  20. Hee hee, I love the pictures of Barney!
    Your new craft room looks fabulous! I did the crafting at the dining room table thing for awhile and it was so great moving into my craft room just so I didn't have to clear the table all the time. Enjoy!
    thanks for visiting me earlier!
    xoxo Karen

  21. Love your desk - it looks busy but organised! Thanks for stopping by mine - my cards and collages are for sale at Lepe Beach cafe until end of May (just the other side of the water to you - go past Hythe and keep going til you hit the sea!
    Love the cat - he's a gorgous colour!

  22. Love your new room, I had a peek at your earlier post, I love it when it all comes together! Funny cat too, lol!

    Brenda 6

  23. I use goof off to get rid of sticky eventually works.LOL

    Congrats on your new looks fabulous and it will be so nice to not have to worry about cleaning it. Oh the beauty of having a door to close!!!


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