Friday, 16 March 2012

It's Friday, it's 5 to 5 , and time for.........................

Anyone remember this???? I used to love Crackerjack, and always wanted to win a Crackerjack Pen LoL!  This popped into my head as I was listening to the radio and the presenter said 'it's Friday and it's 5 to5' but I think he was too young to remember the rest :-)

There's a 'guess the year' programme on our local radio station in the mornings, and it's fun with all the memories the old songs generate, but so many of them have been used in ads, I now end up singing the ad jingle instead of the actual lyrics - those ad men must have been good at their jobs lol!

OK, so it IS Friday and I'm about to pack up crafting for the day and have a well deserved cuppa so I thougI would share some recent projects and a sneaky peek of a DT project I finished today!
This is a wedding card using pearl embossing powders and a brocade background stamp, so pretty to work with. Even embossed the background card behind the panel cos I got carried away with the lovely pearl effects!

These two are cute boxes I made recently, and all 3 projects will be on show at the NEC next week on the WOW embossing stand

Finally, the sneaky peek...............

These are easel drawer cards, and they are so much fun to make (showed some stamped versions in an old post). You can really go to town on the decoration, and there is a little drawer in the base that you can fit yummy chocs in (or something more boring if you are so inclined!). I got a bit carried away with decorating these two, feathers, leaves, flowers, butterflies - a cornucopia of embellishments!

OK, that's it for today, my feet are freezing so I'm off to put the heating on and hit the biccies!

Have a fab weekend, thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. love your works! those boxes are very beautiful, and love the easel cards

  2. Ah Deb, am so late WOYWW visiting that I'm taking time to catch up properly, which I rarely find the chance to do, so it's lovely! get you with all your DT commitments, the embossing powders are really doing it for you, can see that in your lovely samples. Love the brocade.

    1. Thanks Julia, I'm having a great time, just not enough hours in the day lol!!

      Still working my way thru the WOYWW listings, prob won't see them all cos you're now so famous you have gazillions of entries!!

      Debs x

  3. Oh what beautiful projects, I enjoyed looking at them on the WOW stand


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