Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Birthday surprises!

It was Hubby's birthday this weekend, so I made cards from me and the cat (of course!!) Can you tell what his hobby is from the cards????????????? I've kept them simple and entered them in the Challenge at Allsorts

This one is a twisted stacker matted and layered on red card and silver mirri. The fabulous rubber tyre embellishment was a gift from a friend in the States, and I've just been itching to use it!
This black and gold creation was inspired by a Kanban topper I found at a show, based on an illustration from a Haynes Motor Manual - the car is a Capri, one of Hubby's earlier cars! Again, the rubber 'Hit the Road' embellishment was part of the stash from my friend Donna (thanks D!!!)

So on to the birthday surprise........

I wanted to do something different for Andy's birthday, and he loves American Muscle cars (he graduated from the Capri many years ago lol lol) He currently owns a Thunderbird which he uses every day, and until recently had a Firebird (think Knight Rider, if you're old enough to remember, but in white!) So I found this fantastic company that hires out classic American muscle cars by the day!  He's always lusted after a 1965 Mustang convertible, and you guessed it, they had one!!!

This is Andy standing next to the Mustang at the start of our day. We were very lucky and had a dry day, so we were able to put the top down for the day - got a bit chilly when the sun went in!!  I also found out that wearing lip gloss when you're hair is being whipped about in the wind is NOT a good idea - sticky hair and constantly peeling it off my lips - eeuk!!

We spent the day driving around Dorset and Somerset, down the coast to Lyme Regis (which was packed - did everybody take the day off yesterday and not tell me??). We met and overcame a range of obstacles on our quest for the perfect drive - ambulances flying out in front of us, learner drivers on single country lanes, lunatics racing on quad bikes, unexpected road closures and we finished up at a fantastic country pub in the middle of nowhere, where we ate ourselves stupid! Yummy!

Just about managed to stay awake for the long drive home, and fell into bed with a wind-burned face and hair tangled like I'd been through the proverbial hedge backwards, frontwards and sideways!  These movie stars who wore scarves when riding in convertibles knew a thing or two!

It was a great day out, and think Hubby was suitably surprised :-0

bye for now

Debs xx

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  1. great cards and what a fabulous day I bet your hubby enjoyed it

    thanks for Keeping it Simple with me at Allsorts this week :o)


    Amanda x


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