Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WOYWW - 31/08/11

I don't know where this month has gone! I know that I was away for a few weeks, but it's September tomorrow - how did that happen??

It seems like my feet haven't touched ground since we got back, between demo's and design work, and so the blog has been a little quiet the past week or two.  Time to investigate some challenges!

IN the meantime, wanted to join back in with the WOYWW posts, and had a quick sneaky peek at some of the other posts at WOYWW HQ - some people have such tidy craft desks!  mine is my dining room table - which is pretty obvious cos I haven't cleared the place mats away yet!
I started sorting the kit for tonight's class - Distress inks - and on the left you can see my first attempt at one-stroke painting (or paint fusion, only I didn't use any stamps - decided to jump in with both feet and try it freehand)  Must say, the demo's I've seen made it look easier than I found it! Maybe I need better brushes or different paper/card!

Top of the pic is a set of water brushes ready to be filled with bleach, and then boxes of distress inks. To the right are some of the samples I will be taking with me.  And underneath all that are the place mats that give away the true purpose of my crafting space!!

Off to finish my sorting for tonight's class x Deb


  1. I use my dinig table too! Though mine is a lot messier - even without the placemats *lol*
    Your painting looks beautiful! I've watched this done so many times, but never really tried it - may give it a go now though :)

  2. I used to use my diningroom table too, when all the rooms in the house were occupied by my kids. Now that they are grown and left home, I have some space just for me!!! YaY! Loving it. Hated working on the dining room table, it meant I had to clean everything away every meal time, so not fun.
    Happy WOYWW

  3. any free space is up for grabs and good to share with WOYWW...nice set of inks!
    Thanks for the peek
    Sarah at 4


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