Monday, 13 October 2014

Photo Folio mini album

I thought it might be nice to show a work in progress for a change! I was inspired by Hettie's travel journal, and wanted to make something similar. She very kindly pointed me in the direction of Laura Dennison - a very talented lady.

So this is the outside cover - exciting....not!
And this has pockets on the inside cover

That flip open to more pockets (all hold 4x6 photo) 

Then on the facing page, a cascade of more pockets!

And there are large pages & pockets  too ....

But none if this look very exciting until you start to decorate it .......

Aren't those little flip up pockets gorgeous? And each one holds a double sided photo mat. 

When its finished I'll show the full album, its taken a while, but I am having SO much fun with it :-)

Happy crafting

Debs x

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