Friday, 14 December 2012

Xmas gift tag card/wallet

Hi everyone, and Merry Christmas! (well, nearly!)

So last week was our last craft class before Christmas [sigh] and we had a lot of giggles, as well as working on a lovely project for Christmas.

We made a card that can be a stand alone card on its own, with cute tags to decorate. Or, you can slip a gift card into one of the pockets, for a nice surprise!

This is a pic of one that we made, and it's really sweet, with the 3 tags poking out of the pockets :-)

Well, I'm off to make more mince pies. Made 3 doz last weekend and they're all gone lol! We eat a LOT of mince pies - I make my own mincemeat with no fat or sugar, so of course we can eat twice as many :-)

Happy crafting

Debs xx

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