Wednesday, 27 June 2012


So I had a fun weekend of making baby cards for a friend, couldn't decide which one I liked better, but now I'm leaning towards the 'BABY' one.

I also found time to try something I've been meaning to do for ages - I've seen all of these sets of mini stamps/tapestry stamps used at shows, and very nearly bought them as I loved the patterns they were able to build with a few small stamps. But I resisted buying them on the basis that I had so many stamps at home. So this weekend I went through all my stamps and pulled out any diddy ones that I thought might work, and had a play. The first couple of attempts weren't that great, think I put way too much on the page, didn't know when to stop! But they started to get better, and this is what i came up with..........

I'm thinking they would be a great subject for one of my classes, so will see what my ladies think!

OK, no pic of my desk today, only what I've made on it :-) I'm off now to link up with Julia here, and to join in her weekly trip around the world to see what other crafters have been up to!

Happy crafting

Debs xx


  1. I love the BABY card, that's so sweet. The colours and bubbles are just perfect. I like the blue card with the butterfly too, very pretty!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  2. If you hadn't tattled on yourself I never would have known that those weren't Tapestry stamps. I have them myself but always forget to use them. Thanks for reminder! Now if I can only remember it the next time I play... Love the BABY baby card the best of the two. It is so whimsical.

  3. My vote is also with the BABY card :)

    Fabby results with the tapestry (not) stamping - every bit as good as the sets I reckon.

    Belated Happy WOYWW!

    Di xx

  4. Oh another vote for the baby card. Love your tapestry stamping they look great will have to have a go at that myself looks fun. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Sandy :)

  5. The baby card that is your favorite is sooooo cute. Love your stamping efforts trying to get a particular look -- I'll have to try that sometime! Thanks for already visiting my blog.
    ~ Laura

  6. love the baby card, it's the cutest thing!!!!

  7. Your baby cards are just precious! Love the word(baby) and all the little baby items around the word "baby" on the first one and the tags on the second one are a fabulous idea! I'm always wanting to make tags but thinking they are too fancy for a bag...but they would be great for a card so thanks for the inspiration! :)
    Deeyll #153 (In my defense it's still Tuesday here in the States...oh, whatever! I'm terribly late and that's all there is to it. :) lol)

  8. Oh bother, I forgot to ask you a question! I saw your reference to a tunnel card you made for your dh and I've scoured your blog but couldn't find it...I am so curious about what a tunnel card looks like! I would probably be like your dh and try to take it apart. lol So my question is; is there a picture or tutorial anywhere? I don't know many guys(not married myself) but I do have a dad who has built a giant, I mean 250,000+ wooden matchsticks, tunnel and bridge sculpture like thing so I'm thinking a tunnel card would be cool for him. It wouldn't compare to his sculpture but it would let him know I've noticed, right? :)
    or my WOYWW this last week was #153

  9. @queen lightwell - will dig out the tunnel card soon and post a pic so you can see what I did!

    Debs x


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