Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tutorial - 3D Roses

 These roses look really effective, and are so much fun to make!

 1. Stamp 2 smaller flower shapes, then overstamp with your chosen pattern.  
From the first flower shape cut a single petal, and from the second cut a double petal wedge.
Using Glossy Accents as a fast drying glue, on the patterned side of each flower, run a line of glue along one edge of each of the two cut out petal wedges. Then cover one full petal in glue on each of the remaining flowers.

2. Roll the single petal wedge into a cone, with the pattern on the inside, and hold the edges together until the glue holds. Repeat with the double petal wedge, but this time, trim the small pointed end off the cone to leave a small hole at the base of the cone.

3. Repeat this with the remaining 2 flower parts, only this time overlap an entire petal to create larger cones, and trim the small pointed end off each to leave a small hole at the base of each cone.

 4. Using a pokey tool or similar narrow tool, roll the edge of each petal outward on all 4 layers, to create the furled edges of the flower.
 Assemble the flower by applying Glossy Accents glue to the base of the smallest cone, and then sliding it inside the next size up and through the small hole in the base of the cone. Continue in this way applying glue to the base of each cone until all 4 layers sit within each other and are assembled into a finished rose.

 5. Apply glue to the furled edges of each petal and sprinkle with glitter to finish.

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  1. Beautiful roses, Debs. I make something similar using Penny Duncan's rose pieces cut file, cutting them from watercolour paper and using hot glue to assemble them. I usually colour mine with Distress Stains but have also sprayed them with Dylusions, laying the pieces out on watercolour paper so they act as a mask, then turn them over and move them to spray the backs - you end up with brilliant backgrounds! I've made loads and they always come out great.



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